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At Boxes of Basics we believe that every child deserves to have their basic clothing needs met. 


Our mission is to provide children in need with a seasonal box of quality new and gently used clothing in their size. 


Our amazing volunteers hand select and pack every Box of Basics and tailor it for each individual child. When a child receives their Box of Basics we want them to feel like they are opening a gift!


Carried To Full Term is a nonprofit providing long-term housing to pregnant women in crisis.


Images of a pregnant woman walking the streets wondering where she’ll spend the night are not something anyone can see without wanting to step in the help. Helping is almost impossible unless her story is told. Mother’s in this state of crisis usually aren’t forthcoming with their stories or pleas for help. The urgency of a home is more pressing that telling someone who may or may not help. This is where we come in.

Most of us never really have had to deal with homelessness or the thought of not having a home. There is no one situation that leads women to the homeless. Rather, a series of events factor into the eventuality of homelessness. There is a cycle that needs to be broken in some instances to bring an end to homelessness. Some of the circumstances stem from aging out of foster care, job loss, illness, relocation, divorce, abandonment or a cycle of poverty repeating itself.

Mobile Hope, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, supports the needs of Loudoun County children and young adults who are precariously housed, homeless and at risk. We create ways for this fragile and often unacknowledged population to have access to daily essentials and ongoing support. Mobile Hope serves those 24 years of age or younger who live in Loudoun County (with proof of Loudoun County residency).


Our services include: food, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, medical care and service referrals, books, toys, and more — depending on the situation and the availability of aid. We rely solely on the support of donors and sponsors to fund our programs and to help us carry out our mission. We work in partnership with Loudoun County Public Schools, the faith communities, the police department and first responders, government officials, healthcare providers, community leaders, stakeholders and other safety net providers.

Mobile Hope is proud to have an active and thriving volunteer program.  Each month, volunteers contribute approximately 400 hours to support our mission. Allowing members of the community to support others in the community is the heart of our mission. Quite simply – we could not exist without the support we receive from our volunteers!

Mobile Hope has created a volunteer program that is flexible, fun and offers a variety of opportunities. We love students, groups and even families who can volunteer regularly or even just one time. Please be sure to mention any special skills you may have so your volunteer experience can be useful and enjoyable.

A ministry that inspires families to war against the enemy using God’s Word as a weapon to break free from generational sin, bondage and deception. It is the mission of Broken No More to equip marriages, families, and children with the power to war and win.

Jamon Education is a charity foundation devoted to the Health, Education and Empowerment of women and children.

We believe that health and wellness are essential in building strong communities. Our commitment in this area has allowed us to focus on health disparities on a global level. 

We have a passion for assisting in the empowerment of women.  Through the improvement of education, career and self esteem; we are committed to helping women and children reach their full potential.

Educational opportunities are imperative for developing a strong future. We are dedicated to ensuring that all children, regardless of circumstances, have access to a quality  education.

The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation’s mission is to bless, celebrate and love children who are chronically or seriously ill, have special needs, or in the midst of a medical crisis. We call these children “Raindancers” because despite the storms they face, they Dance in the Rain. SJGF fills in the gaps, grants wishes and meets the non-medical needs of the Raindancer and their families.

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