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We are women who want to serve our community!

W+winGs is a 501(c)3

and our main goal each year is to provide Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts for local families who cannot afford these holidays on their own.

We have helped as many as 16 families in one season. These families are members of our communities who come to our attention through social workers, churches, and word-of-mouth.

We also like to roll up our sleeves and provide hands-on help! We have stuffed backpacks, assembled camp bags, helped relocate a family and more! Please let us know if you need volunteers and we may be able to help!

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CB Jewelry has been very generous to w+winGs over the years and now we have officially partnered with them! 

What does this mean?

Anytime you shop at CB Jewelry and choose w+winGs Foundation under "Ambassador Name" on the cart page when you checkout, 30% of your purchase will be automatically donated to w+winGs!

Learn more about w+winGs in the video below!

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