Join Us on March 19th to Volunteer with His Hidden Treasures

When someone is capable of leaving a shelter and moving into a house, they are considered "no longer homeless".  However, when they are moved into an empty apartment, clearly, their house is "much less than home"!  


In John 13:34 Jesus commanded us all to "love one another".  At His Hidden Treasures, we believe that LOVE is an action word!  Based on this scripture, our mission is to love on others, as Jesus would have done, helping to restore and transform their lives, by providing for their physical needs, while praying and addressing their spiritual needs.  We do this by partnering with area homeless shelters to meet their clients needs as they leave the shelter and re-enter our communities.  We meet them at their new house, providing for every piece of furniture, household accessory and décor that it takes to make their house - their home.  



If you have able hands, and a willing heart, and you're a person who gives God the glory for all you do - then we can use you at His Hidden Treasures!  Whether it's cleaning, decorating, or moving furniture,  or helping to set up a household by making the beds, we need your help! Sometimes "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Help us to help a family - begin again!

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