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Their Mission

Ending chronic homelessness might sound impossible. We know that it’s not. Learn how it’s happening.


It starts with dignity: We connect with our chronically homeless guests with the highest quality, most nutritious meals in the city.

It happens through belonging. Our Case Managers build a community where each individual feels safe getting the help that they need, when they are ready to receive it.

It continues through change. In partnership with people who have experienced homelessness, we advocate for the D.C. government to make investments in the housing programs that are most proven to end homelessness. Meanwhile, we partner with other service providers and government agencies to change the way homeless services are delivered in Washington.

It is completed with housing. The most successful intervention for chronic homelessness is Permanent Supportive Housing, which couples permanent housing with supportive services that target the specific needs of an individual.

Permanent supportive housing improves health outcomes; reduces the cost of emergency services, like ER visits and first responder services; and provides people with the tools they need to get their lives back. Best of all, it has a 92 percent success rate in Washington, D.C., which means it not only gets people of the streets, it helps them stay in housing.

That’s why in 2014, Miriam’s Kitchen made the most important expansion of services in its history: to provide Supportive Services to 95 residents in the District’s Permanent Supportive Housing program. Because housing is the solution to homelessness.


Ending chronic homelessness is possible. Miriam’s Kitchen is guiding people home.



We’re so glad you’re interested in volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen and helping to end chronic homelessness in D.C.!  All volunteers need to commit to at least one shift per month on an ongoing basis. By attending our orientation, you acknowledge and agree to this commitment. Please note that you will not be able to begin volunteering without having attended an orientation first.


For more information: Volunteer page



Interested in helping us fill the needs of our guests? There are many ways to help. You can collect items and bring them to us or you can order items online.


Visit this page for a list of items neeeded and more information.

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