Their Mission

Carried To Full Term is a nonprofit providing long-term housing to pregnant women in crisis.


Images of a pregnant woman walking the streets wondering where she’ll spend the night are not something anyone can see without wanting to step in the help. Helping is almost impossible unless her story is told. Mother’s in this state of crisis usually aren’t forthcoming with their stories or pleas for help. The urgency of a home is more pressing that telling someone who may or may not help. This is where we come in.

Most of us never really have had to deal with homelessness or the thought of not having a home. There is no one situation that leads women to the homeless. Rather, a series of events factor into the eventuality of homelessness. There is a cycle that needs to be broken in some instances to bring an end to homelessness. Some of the circumstances stem from aging out of foster care, job loss, illness, relocation, divorce, abandonment or a cycle of poverty repeating itself.

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